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Our new intensive full two day revolutionary class that combines a beginner's class with certification in Beginner Classic Level I while introducing the Russian volume technique with in class demonstrations that allow students to obtain their Russian volume certification at their own pace after the combined course via a hybrid distance learning style.


Day 1 : AM : Lash Basics, Lash Theory, Isolation, Beginner Lashing Fundamentals, Hair Cycle Theory, Application and Technique, Contraindications and Conditions, Basics in Lash Artist Marketing, Health and Sanitation


Day 1 : PM : Mannequin Practice


Day 2 : AM : Review, Questions and Answers, Introduction to Volume Fan Building and Lash Wrap Technique, Volume Fan Building Practice


Day 2 : PM : Live Model 


Students leave with a starter Classic and Russian volume starter to get started. 


Please Note: Live models can be provided with advanced notice and an additional model fee. 

Russian Volume Master Class

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