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About Us

We believe that education is pertinent to becoming the best in the industry and building your clientele. Our iron-clad course material will undoubtedly set you up for nothing short of success. 


We provide our students with an experience that will last a lifetime and take you as far as your dreams dare to go. 



At Anastaszia Cash EDU we believe that education is pertinent to becoming the best in the industry and building your clientele. Clients can pick up very easily if you're a fly by night aesthetician or school or if you care about their beauty, health & education. If you pay attention to reviews on social media in this industry, many will speak of the lack of detail that was provided as well as the lack of sanitation practices. This is very important that you learn the ins and outs of what to do and what not to do in the extremely competitive beauty industry in order to both keep your clients safe & informed all the while keeping yourself ahead of the competition. 

At Anastaszia Cash EDU you will learn how to pay attention to small details, practice impeccable sanitation, and add little extras to get your clients raving about you in their reviews being sure to tell and send all of their friends to you and/or your business. After decades in the aesthetic industry working with celebrities abroad, and owning spas internationally, Anastaszia Cash has decided to share her wealth of knowledge not only as an aesthetician but as an entrepreneur in the very competitive industry to help you succeed and make a name for yourself by sharing her secrets she has learned along the way through trial and error.

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After taking my Microneedling course with Anastaszia, I feel ready to take on new clients using the techniques I was taught. Anastaszia Cash EDU is very professional, and the course content is very cutting edge. In addition to my Microneedling course, sanitization was also included. In the times of Covid-19, this information was vital to keep future clients safe and healthy.


Ready to take the first step towards an exciting new career?


The style of curriculum at The Anastaszia Cash Edu will speak volumes for itself in the near and far future of how you will be set up to succeed in the aesthetic and beauty industry. Over decades, Anastaszia has herself always taken pride in the relentless pursuit of excellence. A thorough and exuberant over achiever, Anastaszia has excelled and persevered throughout the years as a top tier skin specialist and aesthetics major. Owning and running spas in both Canada and the U.S. she has become a vast wealth of knowledge over the years.


Using her expertise and experience in both learned and applied sciences and techniques she is always ahead of the trends and learning curves. Welcome now to today and the opening of her new venture "Desert Divas and Dons Medispa" in Merritt B.C the hearts gem at the tip of the Sonoran Desert. She will be the first to acknowledge that this is a special opening in a special time in history with the uneasiness and uncertainty of the Covid 19 pandemic. But as with all true entrepreneurs, she is a true risk taker and situations like this have never slowed her down one bit!

The regulatory protocol in sanitation required to pass Public Health safety standards for a level 3 high-risk clearance sent her straight back to her core values and basics. Safety and sanitation! First and foremost, as a client, and or student, health and safety come first. With this in mind, she built up the course materials to be taught as iron-clad information that will undoubtedly set you up for nothing short of success. Get ready for an experience that will last you a lifetime....and take you as far as your dreams dare you to go.



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